Beach Wedding Favors

Remember how much fun you had at that beach party where you first met? Anticipating how much fun you're going to have on that tropical honeymoon? Select beach wedding favors that express your joy!

Tealight favors are a favorite at every wedding. You can get them in the form of a deck chair just like the one you'll soon be relaxing in. And don't you deserve it after all that wedding planning? Get some placecard holders that will light up the night.

Every guest will appreciate a photo of the bride and groom. How about a beach-themed wedding favor that contains a picture of the day you got engaged? A frame lined with sea shells is also a ticket to paradise.

Sailboat candles will remind your guests of just where you plan to be soon. You can sail into the sunset, but your guests will appreciate the memento you left behind just the same. Personalize them with your name on the boat.

Sea shell placecard holders are a perfect choice. They decorate the table, provide that important practical purpose of guiding your guests to it, and give them a great gift to take away. Personalize the inside of the shell with the date of the wedding or your favorite saying.

While you're thinking of shells, consider some clamshell salt and pepper shakers. These tiny silver spice holders are a great reminder of the spicy times to come. Enclose them in a pearlized box and you have a treasure chest any pirate would be happy to steal.

Wine bottle stoppers are another popular wedding favor. Improve an already great idea by getting some that carry your beach theme to the ultimate. They can be topped with a jewel or fashioned in the shape of a pineapple. They can be made of South Seas cork or Captain Kidd silver.

You and your guests will get awfully thirsty under that hot sun, though. Maybe you should think about some wine. Fill a tasting glass with your favorite vintage. Etch the glass with a sailboat or an anchor. Personalize the bottom with your special design that includes names and the wedding date.

Once you've quenched their thirst, they might get hungry waiting for that fine wedding reception meal. Stave off those hunger pangs with a set of chocolate favors. Pieces of eight never tasted so good. Keep the sand out by wrapping them in a personalized wrapper with your logo or the colors of your summer wedding.

No guest will ever forget the car keys again if you give them flip flop keychains embossed with your names. They won't forget your wedding either, since the other side will carry the date you set sail.

Your beach wedding favors are bound to be the hit of every table. Let them dance the calypso at your beach wedding.

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