Personality Wedding Favors

Just as every individual is unique, so is their combination. When a couple marries their personal characteristics don't dissolve. Instead, a new reaction takes place that exhibits the wonder of them both. That delightful fact can easily be reflected in the choice of personality wedding favors.

After all, what is more distinctive than the wedding of these two persons? What could be a better way of showing that than to have custom-made personality wedding favors? With a hand-selected design, executed to perfection, it's possible to make wedding favors that show the style that makes this couple special.

Personalization is the first simple step in that direction. Embossed or stamped with the names of the bride and groom, they become keepsakes of that special day. But that is only the beginning.

That happy couple may be best known for their passion for Las Vegas. Or, they may be the ones always suggesting a golf game, even when the weather is below freezing and it's still dark. They may be heading for an African safari honeymoon right after the ceremony. Or, they may be the ones to discover a South Pacific island that becomes the destination of choice for couples thereafter.

Personality wedding favors can be items that are common in other themes. Wine stoppers, glass coasters, keychains, and more serve just fine for this theme. But the distinctive designs stamped on them are a reflection of the individual creativity of these two unusual people.

Tea lights might offer a fine scent in a dozen different categories of wedding favor, whether Asian or Garden or many others. But who but these special people would think of having a tea light wedding favor that gives off the unique aroma of the coffee of Ghana?

Wedding favor boxes are another familiar sight at reception tables. But a personality wedding favor will take the idea in a very different direction. Others may contain chocolates. These might also. But would those others fill them with the special variety used in spa baths in Japan?

Wine stoppers are a favorite favor for good reasons. They're lovely. They're practical. And, they provide an opportunity to give a small gift that guests highly appreciate. A personality wedding favor will take those values to a whole new level. Set the wine stopper in a small box with a logo designed by the bride. Or, engrave the head with the short poem the groom sent her when he proposed.

Demitasse spoons are the perfect wedding favor for a garden-themed reception. Elegant and practical, they become instant keepsakes. A personality wedding favor will heighten the appreciation by adding a twist that can only be associated with this particular couple. Think of something that symbolizes the essence of these unique individuals and use it as a logo on the handle.

Love is a universal emotion. Weddings are common all around the world. But each couple is composed of two distinct personalities that create something entirely new when they join together. Reflect that in a personality wedding favor and watch the synergy amplify their happiness.

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