Photo Album Favors

The creativity of wedding favor designers is endless. There's no better proof of that than photo album favors. Photo albums are a common item, seen in homes for generations. Yet, within this single category, the ingenuity of designers brings a familiar object to life in astounding new ways.

That makes photo album favors an excellent choice for your guests' tables. A photo is a memory, a symbol, and literal representation all at once. Combine those into a lovely, decorative, and even fun package and you have a winner.

Picture, pardon the pun, a black tie mini album. Within the small frame resides a photo of the happy bride and groom on the day they first met. That's a memory, a promise, and a statement of hope for the future. It's also something that many of the guests will want resting on the table at home long after the special day.

Going for a beach-themed wedding? There are beach memory photo album favors that will fit right in. Decorated with sea shells or palm trees, they evoke memories of the day the bride and groom went to Tahiti. They'll later serve to hold a photo of the honeymoon that the returning couple will want to share.

Considering a garden theme instead? Excellent choice. Imagine a pair of photo album favors elegantly decorated with butterflies and dragonflies. These gentle creatures bring a sense of serenity and loveliness to any wedding reception. Add to your garden theme by setting some of these on the tables and you won't find them there when the day is over. They'll have been whisked away as permanent keepsakes.

Flowers are another natural for a garden-themed wedding. They provide the perfect design element for a photo album wedding favor. The range of colors is limitless, the types of flowers available unbounded. Want delicate pinks? Select roses. Prefer happy yellows? Go for the tulips. No matter which you choose you can't go wrong.

A Fall wedding is the perfect opportunity to bring out those design elements that evoke beauty and harmony. Gentle oranges, lovely yellows, and bright reds are all Fall colors. Use them as part of a photo album wedding favor design and suddenly every table becomes a harvest banquet. Falling leaves glide toward the bottom of the photo frame surrounding the bride and groom's photo by romantic images.

A photo album favor can contain pictures snapped during the wedding or reception. Thanks to digital cameras and on-the-spot photo printing, you can even fill them with shots of guests arriving, dancing, and more. That turns a pre-purchased wedding favor into a gift of the moment with memories made only minutes before. But one that will be treasured forever.

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