Practical Wedding Favors

Every bride planning a wedding will want her favors to be beautiful. Who wouldn't? But beauty doesn't preclude function. Something can be both lovely and practical. In fact, sometimes a wedding favor is one because of the other.

As just one example, consider ceramic salt and pepper shaker wedding favors. They're appreciated by the guests and offer the chance to give a gift that is both decorative and useful. Raise the bar by selecting the Apple of My Eye style, shaped like luscious apples and available in a decorative wedding favor box.

A whole line of wedding favor soaps offer yet another chance to give a gift that will grace a fashionable bathroom countertop. At the same time, the lovely scent will make them an irresistible practical item. The Hugs and Kisses model offers a fun way of providing both.

Your guests might appreciate a favor that announces your wedding bliss and gives them a useful tool for the kitchen. A heart-shaped mold offers just that. Decorated with a lovely silk rose and made from sturdy metal, they offer a lovely object to grace the wedding reception table. They'll also see lots of use long after.

While you're thinking of the kitchen, look at the great stainless steel potato peelers. Who knew that something as utilitarian as a paring tool could be so decorative? With a non-slip handle they're very practical. Thanks to the highly burnished surface they look like fine silver. Wrapped in a decorative black and white checkered wedding favor box, they are a fine gift.

The cooks in the audience will also appreciate a stainless steel cheese grater that is much more beautiful than what they typically see at the store. Topped with a sturdy plastic handle and wrapped in a silverized wedding favor box decorated with your cartoon alter ego, they're the ultimate in practical beauty.

Preparing cookies for dessert was never easier now that your wedding guest has a palm tree cookie cutter at hand. They work great for a beach-themed or tropical paradise-themed wedding. They decorate the table with just the right touch. Later, they'll see lots of duty during baking.

For those quick lunches, nothing works better than pizza. Wouldn't it be great if you could offer a practical tool that also reminded your guest of your special day? A pizza cutter can do just that. Able to slice large wedges of love at the wedding reception table, it will do the same for your favorite pizza at home. Decorated with the names of the bride and groom or the wedding date, it's a perfect favor to combine practicality and beauty.

No one can ever have too many fine wine stoppers in the kitchen. A lovely silver model offers that practical benefit while they add the ultimate in elegance to the wine cellar. Topped with a sea shell design they would work perfectly for a beach theme decor.

There are so many beautiful practical wedding favors to choose from, you'll inevitably have to select several for yourself, too.

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