Silver Wedding Favors

Quick quiz: What's more elegant than silver? Easy answer: nothing. For thousands of years, this bright metal has served as a practical tool and elegant symbol of the highest possible quality. That's the perfect metaphor for your wedding. That makes silver the perfect choice for a wedding favor.

Picture a shining bookmark, a rich-looking letter opener, or a divine wine stopper. All of these items and many more are frequently found decorating the finest fashion shoots in magazines. Why? Because they evoke a sense of wealth and sophistication that goes beyond the mere material. They are a symbol of freshness and elegance and the finest in life.

But such symbols can also be the perfect opportunity for splashing fun around the wedding reception tables. Imagine a stainless steel handbag holder. A what? Sure, haven't you ever wondered where the heck you can put your purse? Attach the holder to the edge of the table, then hang the strap of your purse on the hook. Decorated with fun images of your cartoon alter ego, they're practical and full of humor.

Not far out enough for you? How about a stainless steel potato peeler. Not something you normally expect to find at a wedding reception. But, you know, it works. Enclosed in a great black and white checkered box, decorated with a lace bow, you'll later find how often it actually gets used.

Go for more practical fun with a silver teapot timer. A surprising combination of elegance and humor, these tiny wedding favors look great on the table. They'll also look great on the kitchen countertop long after the wedding reception is over.

How about a tiny pair of silver slippers that double as a bottle opener? Housed in their own pink wedding favor box closed with a small black lid, they're fun, stylish, and practical.

Thought about it and decided to lean toward elegance? Well, you have dozens of options from which to choose.

Picture a set of silver placecard holders shaped like tiny sailboats. What could say 'elegance' better? Images of the sea work great with a beach-themed wedding. But they also bring to mind stormy romance, tropical romance, and the sun shining on that bright white Rhode Island strip of sand you saw in a fashion magazine.

Consider the sea shell topped wine stopper. Suggesting the sophistication of a fine vintage, it is both practical and lovely. Whether you're thinking of a beach-themed wedding or just want a touch of class on the reception table, you can't go wrong with these.

Nothing says class, though, like a satin sachet wedding favor. And nothing goes better with silver. Designed to resemble the finest of wedding gowns, these small items are wrapped in tiny pearl necklaces. Now that's the best of everything!

Tiny silver wedding bells, silver heart placecard holders, salt and pepper shakers, the most elegant of tea lights.... The list of silver wedding favors is endless. Just like the elegance they evoke.

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