Signature Platters: Sign A Note Of Love

A great gift idea is signature platters. These are ceramic platters that are designed in many styles. There are various sizes, shapes and patterns available for them. They make excellent gifts for many occasions too. For example, they will work well as a going away present or for a co worker that is retiring. They work well for baby and wedding showers and also fit well in giving to a grandmother or grandfather to remember all of those that came to a big party for them. Virtually any occasion in which people come to celebrate can be the right place to give these platters.

What Are They?

In short, they are a platter that has the signatures of all those that are to be included on it. In some cases, there is an underlying design, such as that of a family tree, and then the individuals will sign their names on it. Usually they are made of ceramic materials. Usually the image is done prior to the actual event and then the image is transferred to the platter before it is sealed. Once is it fired it is forever engraved into the platter and the platter can be used to remember the occasion for a lifetime. These are normally not used to eat off of but used instead as a decorative design.

In some designs which work very nicely in the case of a wedding is for the platter to come with a special marker that is used to allow individuals to actually sign the platter itself. The marker is made so that it takes care of the firing as necessary. This makes these platters an option over the use of a guest sign in book at a reception for a wedding, anniversary or first communion. They can be used, then, in virtually any occasion to help celebrate the day and keep all of those that attended in one place that can later be displayed.

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