What About Planning a Wedding At Home?

One of the first main things to do when preparing for a big event such as a wedding is to choose the location. Actually related to weddings there are two locations that have to be established: on one hand, the church, in case of a religious ceremony and on the other hand, the place where the reception takes place. Recently a lot of people consider planning a wedding at home. Such a decision is taken because it is cheaper, because they don t have to pay anymore for the cost of a reception held at a restaurant or somewhere else. Another reason for planning a wedding at home is that spending the most important event in a familiar place charges it with a greater significance and thus it becomes more meaningful. Nowadays people tend to organize at home both the religious ceremony and the reception. However there are some things that need to be considered when the couple decides upon planning a wedding at home. First and foremost, those who want to have their weddings celebrated at home have to decide if it will be an outdoor or an indoor one. Indoor Weddings Most homes can accommodate a small number of persons. That is why the amount of guests has to be very much reduced. Actually probably this is the whole idea of planning a wedding at home: it should be a very intimate event that is spent only with the family and the ones who are close to its members. Probably some pieces of furniture will have to be moved and it would be necessary to bring some more chairs, which may be rented, particularly for much older guests. The couple may choose to stand in front of the fireplace or they might rent an arch. There shouldn t be any problems in as far as the decorations are concerned as they can be minimal limited to some natural flowers only. Outdoor Weddings If the house has a yard then it is the perfect place for planning a wedding at home. This way they won t find themselves in the situation of reducing the list of guests. This may be indeed a wedding of dreams. But such a wedding imposes another kind of etiquette regarding the clothes of both the bride and the groom and the guests. It would still be a fancy event but especially women should pay attention to the kind of shoes they would wear and also they should not wear skirts that the slightest wind could raise. When planning a wedding at home, in the garden or in the courtyard there is also the risk of not being so lucky regarding the weather. This is the reason why the bride and the groom should be prepared to move their ceremony in the house in case it rains.

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