Tips to planning an outdoor wedding

There is no point in telling you how important a wedding is in a couple s life. I guess we all want dreamy weddings, to become an unforgettable memory for the years to come. And the way we plan the wedding is always different. In fact every couple should do it as they want it. Among all the interesting ideas of wedding planning, there is one I like the most: planning an outdoor wedding. The advantages of an outdoor wedding There are so many possibilities when you are planning an outdoor wedding. For example, you can choose from various locations, such as mountain resorts, parks, seaside cottages, and the most popular location, on the beach. You will have the chance of celebrating this once-in-a-lifetime moment surrounded by gorgeous scenery. Just imagine yourself next to the one you love, getting married on a beach at sunset. This will truly be a unique moment in your life. Also when planning an outdoor wedding, you can invite as many people as you want. You won t have to worry about the space, about air conditioning and so on. It will be much more comfortable than an indoor wedding. It will bring comfort to your guests, and the idea of freedom will help anyone relax and have some quality time. Among the several advantages of planning an outdoor wedding, there is the low cost. It is times cheaper to rent a parcel of land than to rent a reception hall that would cost you thousands of dollars. Even in case you want to rent someone else s backyard it would cost less than a ballroom. The disadvantages Let s not forget the disadvantages of planning an outdoor wedding. The first thing to mention among the negative aspects of an outdoor wedding is the weather. You should accept the risk of ruined wedding because of bad weather conditions such as rain or storm. In addition, there are people who are allergic to sun, pollens, bugs and so on. Fortunately, all of the above can be avoided. For example, to prepare for the rain, set up some sheltered space, to make sure your guests will be protected from it. Also, you can choose to have large white tents that can keep your reception away from the hot sun and the rain. This will protect your guests and also the tablecloths, disposable cups and plates or napkins from any dust or sand. To end this article, I must say that planning an outdoor wedding is a great idea. Moreover, if you start all the preparations in time, the planning process can be pleasant and fun. Also, if thing go as planned, you will definitely have a memorable wedding.

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