Gold Wedding Bands

Gold is a soft metal that can easily be bent and shaped. However, when mixed with other metals gold becomes stronger. There are

many varieties of gold wedding bands. There are gold bands ranging in value from fourteen karat gold to twenty four karat gold. Twenty four karat gold wedding bands are the purest form of gold bands.

If you are looking for a wedding band with endurance you might choose a fourteen karat gold ring. These rings are usually mixed with

other metals to strengthen it. Unfortunately, when gold is mixed with other metals it sometimes fades the color of gold itself.

Eighteen karat gold wedding bands seem to present a happy medium. They are strong and yet cast a beautiful gold color.

If you would rather choose a gold wedding band that is not yellow gold then white gold may be for you. White gold looks silver but has a yellow tint to it and is less likely to decay or tarnish than silver wedding bands.

You can have a plain wedding band displaying simple elegance, or you can choose to have diamonds embedded on your gold wedding band. Eternity wedding bands are beautiful with diamonds encrusted all around the band and are a great way to display your love to one


Even with men’s gold wedding bands, adding a diamond or two can distinguish his ring from the typical gold wedding bands a lot of men wear. If your husband insists on a plain gold band without diamonds be sure to get a beveled one. A beveled wedding band lends

simple elegance to the plain gold wedding band.

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